Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No Ripcord Update

The Cass McCombs review has been pulled from No Ripcord's website, and I received the following emails from them.


  1. As a writer on No Ripcord, I'd like to say that Tom in no way represents our staff as a whole. To me, copying someone else's opinions for something as inconsequential as music criticism is the epitome of laziness.
    I can assure you that all of my half-formed opinions are my own. As I'm an idiot, I'm sure my reviews would be more poignant and objective than they actually are if I were to copy them.
    I hope that you don't hold us accountable for some dirtbag we gave a chance a month ago to write for us.

  2. I too am a writer at NR and would like to echo the feelings above. This is not what we aspire to, and is a violation of the trust and decency that should be shared amoungst the music, journalism and online community. I have sent a personal note to your email better explaining my opinions on the matter. Better such an incident be highlighted and delt with than gone unnoticed and unpunished.
    Most importantly, I am sorry that you have been subjected to this.