Friday, November 4, 2011

Real Estate, I Love You

Dogs, grandma glasses, and guitars sunny enough to fit on a Fleet Foxes record? Goddammit, my love of hipsters has been renewed! This song, but really, the whole album (Days) is one of those that you can overplay times a billion, and still feel perfectly serene at each listen. It is gummy, glowing pop music with the perfect warmth. I could wrap myself in this music and all of a sudden everything in my life would come together in perfect harmony.

It may have a bit of a Rogue Wave vibe, and so maybe it's not groundbreaking. Maybe I'm settling into my old age (24, so freakin old guys, my back hurts) and I don't need avant garde controversy in my brain. Maybe I just want to sit and listen to a song called "Kinder Blumen" because the title reminds me of smurfs and it's the kind of instrumental that needs no explanation in it's simple, repetitive glory. It's a less harsh Avi Buffalo with the same level of heart. And that bridge!

If you're looking for some comfort music that's guaranteed to up your day, check this out. It's undeniable, the reece's pieces to my candy-loving self. You're going to want to be friends with these guys. Because how can they make it seem so easy to chill out perfectly?

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