Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Cave Singers - Live at Zanzabar

Very rarely can a band make you feel like you're riding atop a galloping horse, tumbleweeds blowing in the wind. But when you watch The Cave Singers live, songs like "Black Leaf" have the lively sort of shuffling percussion that make it impossible to stand still.

Several of the Seattle-based band's more upbeat songs took the crowd at Zanzabar by storm Monday night. Rabble-rousers filled the set list, breaking up the club's calm with the perfect storm of liquid guitar picking and biting bass. Taking their cues in seemingly equal part from swamp rock grime and garage rock liveliness, The Cave Singers barely stopped for a breath once the show began. Just song after song from their three albums.

The new(er) songs from 2011's No Witch really lit fire. While magic and witchery isn't really what first comes to mind when you hear The Cave Singers, there is a sort of enchantment they put on the crowd that really doesn't come off on the recordings. Something about the urgency of songs like "All Land Grabs and Divinity Ghosts" is arresting.

Lyrics are indecipherable, but that's ok because it's more about the feeling anyway. Swept away, the melodies and galloping drum beats carried us away into the night... and will most likely have Louisvillians crawling back for more when The Cave Singers return to town.

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