Thursday, May 17, 2012


The last time I listened to Japandroids full time is when I was working part time and interning for free. The world was hostile, I couldn’t find my way out of my post-college slump, and I needed music to scream along to. I would run circles around the cul-de-sac where I grew up, where I was living, miserably with my parents. Stuck in what seemed like an endless cycle of unsuccess, I was young and I was mad. Japandroids made me long for the endless college nights of reckless behavior and unpredictable friendships. Instead, I was stuck in suburbia.

I still love Post-Nothing, but I don’t listen to it on a typical day. I found a new job and a new home, and for the most part, I found happiness. I don’t long for a different life anymore. So the purpose, the crutch that I used Japandroids for has been filled.

Celebration Rock doesn’t hold a significance for me like their debut album did. It’s not that I don’t love it. After all, these are still the sort of raging rock and roll songs that move the body and spirit. But I find myself longing instead for folksy, sunny songs that I can blast while I’m basking in sunshine in my backyard. It’s been a difficult process reviewing this new record because it doesn’t touch me like the last one did. Not for lack of quality, but because I’ve changed. The line between panning an album because you “don’t feel it” and because it’s a shitty album is stark. So how do I stay true to myself and also true to the band?

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  1. Funny you mention it, because I've been feeling the ennui creeping in a bit in the past few months, and this album struck me in all the right ways this week.