Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Phoenix - Bankrupt!

I love you and I hate you. I hate your overcompressed synthesizers that feel like they're pushing against my ears like a row of stubborn bricks that I can't peel away, lest they crush my brains. The title track is all "screw you conventional pop song." It's wonderful. It's "Love Like A Sunset" all over again. But longer and weirder and Sufjan Stevensier. (I heard "The Age of Adz" on a local college radio station the other day and nearly flipped out. Remember that song? Oh how wonderful and weird.) Sidenote: when did I begin feeding on music that is too strange for my mom to comprehend? If I played this for her she'd think it was just noise. But how much better is it than "Entertainment"? As much of an ace pop song as that may be, how is it not annoying as shit? It makes me want to rip up kimonos and bang every band member over the head with chopsticks. Stop copping an Asian synth line and blowing up the volume until it's nearly overmodulated. You're killing me. You're making me alive. I obviously have no clear feelings on this album yet. Give me some time.

Oh, and I really really really enjoy "The Real Thing." That melody is classic Phoenix. This is the kind of song you don't know where to put on your mix cd list. Too slow to be on your upbeat, cheer-up-your-best-friend mix. Too fast to be on your romantic, woo-the-new-signficiant-other mix. Perfectly grey. 

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