Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lyla Foy - Mirrors the Sky

When I first listened to Mirrors the Sky, I worried this would be another sleeper album that would just bore more to death. "Honeymoon" begins the album with hushed tones, a fairly pretty melody, and a slow chug. But Lyla Foy, who used to go by WALL, ditched the morose tones quickly. The next song, actually, has a sorta funky electronic beat to it, and the best is yet to come toward the middle of the album. "Easy" reminds me of a less dramatic Lana Del Rey, with a high-pitched, lilting chorus. "Only Human" is another charming, subtle song that hits you gently and reminds you that not every pop song needs to be overcompressed and shouted right in your face. This album is sweet. I'd put it on at a dinner party if I knew how to cook real meals and host nice people. But I might try now that I have the right music for it, anyway.

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