Monday, July 20, 2009

Handsome Furs Live Review, Edited Version

So here's the version that actually ran:

It took a couple hours for the Grog Shop to wake up on Friday night. Lakewood’s Saint Ohio opened the show with a brutally dull set, where the overzealous drummer tried to make up for the rest of the band’s mediocrity by dancing around the stage with a tambourine and fastening his glasses to his head like a pair of safety goggles. The Cinnamon Band, up next, was a huge improvement. Still, sweet harmonies and the gentle pop of the Virginia guitar-drum duo still couldn’t shake up the crowd.

All restlessness ended, however, the minute the husband-wife team of the Handsome Furs stepped onstage. Dan Boeckner picked up his guitar, his sleeveless shirt showing off tattoos scattered across his skinny arms, while Alexei Perry kicked her way over to her synthesizer/drum machine table in a tiny romper. The two are straight out of Natural Born Killers, a pair of untamed, horny lovers on a trip around the world.

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