Thursday, July 30, 2009

iPod Shuffle, Installment 1

Oh, the great adventures of iPod shuffle.

Today, I will document the contents of my shuffling from 4pm on a Thursday afternoon.

"Singing Softly to Me" by Kings of Convenience
from Quiet is the New Loud
  • by their very nature, the Kings are classy
  • that brassy trumpet playing lends this song a jazzy touch and i feel like i'm in a classy cocktail lounge
  • ultimate music to chill out, lemonade and lazy sun probably necessary

"Gender Bombs" by The Stills
from Logic Will Break Your Heart

  • they are from Canada, eh?
  • my dad has said they sound to him like a band from the 80's. shoot, i forget which one.
  • this album is not sonically as clear and well-produced as Oceans Will Rise
  • lately, every band sounds like Coldplay to me

"Do You Love Him" by The Avett Brothers
from Carolina Jubilee

  • i love Seth and Scott, and i long to see their live show again sooooon
  • this song is what i like to call "primitive." U2's Boy is primitive U2, for example.
  • this is so charmingly simple - lyrically, melodically, and all

"My Love Will Be True" by The Princes of Hollywood
from Direction of Motion

  • i loved this band my freshman yr at OU. i saw them at coffeehouse shows nearly every month
  • i later met one of the "princes," turns out he worked in radio at WOUB and we had one lone conversation on a Sunday afternoon while i DJed
  • the Princes consisted of 2, sometimes 3, members. one was the son of Bruce Dalzell, the leader of all open mic nights in Athens. Bruce was in a band in college called Kings of Hollywood (i think. it was kings of something)
  • do you see a pattern on my shuffle? looks like it's a day of royalty.

"Why Don't the Buildings Cry?" by Youth Group
from Skeleton Jar

  • i found out about this band from The OC. guilty pleasure TV -> better taste in music
  • i really love the sound of the lead singer's voice (Toby Martin), and i can't tell he's Australian. he sounds so unbothered and passionate at the same time

That was my first installment of iPod shuffle. Do you feel like you know me now? Can you judge me? I promise, there was no cheating or skipping songs involved. If I happened across a blog post with these 5 songs and bands, I might think "that girl enjoys mediocre indie rock bands." That might be true.

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