Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Lost Elefant

Cleaning out my room today, (oh traveling, if only you didn't require constant packing and unpacking of a suitcase...) I decided to listen to Eagles of Death Metal. One of my favorite songs of the past few years just has to be "Wannabe in LA" for it's bad-ass attitude and cowbell percussion. Freakin' Josh Homme. (If you don't know this band, it doesn't sound like death metal - ugh - or The Eagles - double ugh. It sounds like pure sex.)

And this Thursday, I'm going to LA!

That's beside the point.

From Eagles of Death Metal, I scrolled down to ELO, where I proceeded to clean my room to some fantastic brilliance of 80s synth weirdo beauty. I mistakenly like ELO a lot. It's a mistake because 80s music usually turns me off. ELO turns me on, and that's bothersome, but somehow OK.

The point of this story is coming:

I scrolled again. This time to a band called Elefant. Do you remember them? They came out of NYC and disappeared as soon as they arrived. They were on The OC, like all other one-hit-wonder indie bands of the early 2000s. Yet Elefant is a different scenario in my brain. I used to listen to their full-length debut, Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid, on repeat. At the time, I would have ranked them among Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, and Interpol. They are bass-tastic, and every song is ridiculously catchy. Dude has the best lazy-scowl vocals. Solid song construction, solid production, great album.

Yet I forgot about them as quickly as I learned of them. Here's a post to Elefant. I'm bringing them back into my life. Bring them into yours. Start with "Misfit."

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