Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Soft Pack - Answer to Yourself

I read a lot about the Soft Pack nowadays. They are all over the internetz, all over Paste, and all over my face. (K, that was a lie.) But really, the one thing I read most is: "... bs... bs... bs... They used to be called The Muslims, but changed their name for obvious reasons.... bs.... bs... bs..."

Yeah, whatever.

The important thing to know about the Soft Pack is really this: "Answer to Yourself" is the best song you'll hear in weeks. It's got all the classy elements of a solid rock song: great, simple chords, a just-distorted-enough vibe, and a whole lot of power. Oh, and what a chorus. And another reference to dying before realizing dreams (Japandroids much?). Let's put it this way: during my 5:30am jog (I sm crazy), I played it on repeat, and might have started headbanging (just a little - I mean, there were people around). Then I ate an entire pizza.

Again, point is: rock out. This song is simple, and it's solid, and it immediately caught my ear. It will catch yours too, if you let it.

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