Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hooray for Earth - True Loves

Sometimes I like music to be a little rough around the edges, and I think Sleigh Bells proved that to me this year. Hooray for Earth is this suddenly exploding machine of music makers. They sort of sound like they recorded this song in the middle of a cave with some electric razors and a really fun beat.

You need a song every now and then that you know you'd swagger to when walking down the street with headphones on. Now that I live in corporate America, on the busiest effing street in Louisville, I don't really anticipate myself walking around with headphones on the side of a 6-lane street... but you know, a girl can dream.

This song is as easily bad-ass as it is sensitive. Random piercing electronic noises spike up from a skittering beat. Vocals are kind of lethargic, the feeling is sort of communal (let's get all of our friends, stand on a beach, and start a drum circle... if you know what I mean), and it's spaced-out enough to create some kind of distance from the listener. Sort of cold. Which works in this chilling weather, I think.

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