Friday, August 28, 2009

A Hawk and A Hacksaw

Whether you are at a concert or a very traditional bar mitzvah celebration may remain a mystery. A Hawk and a Hacksaw evoke Eastern Europe with minor chords and accordion-flavored ditties that fly by with quick ease. Faster than a hawk flutters its wings, countless notes twinkle past the eardrum. The only thing that changes more frequently than the tunings of the band’s string instruments is its lineup and home base. More than twelve musicians have performed or toured with AHAAH, which was temporarily based in France and Budapest, and now rests in Zuzax, New Mexico almost 10 years after the group’s origin. For this tour, founding members Heather Trost (violin) and Jeremy Barnes (drums) share the stage with Sam Johnson (trumpet) and Mark Weaver (tuba). While the set list will consist mostly of rich instrumentals, the occasional whoop or cheer escapes. And on “Kertesz,” sly vocals float over a thrilling masquerade of violin, mandolin, and accordion blasts. AHAAH’s show is a celebration of a different kind, and you don’t have to leave the states to bear witness.

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