Sunday, August 30, 2009

iPhonic: Four Dudes get iFunky

If I was to tell you that four white dudes formed a band in Athens, Ohio, some assumptions might kick in. Indie rock? DMB cover band? Bluegrass/alt-folk? Naw, in this case we're talking hip hop.

It didn't start that way. Drummer Ed Planisek says the foursome started strictly as a covers band. It wasn't until they realized that Dave, the frontman, could write a killer hip hop song that they made the switch. But they are pretty happy with the change, and so are its followers - a mix of ages, genders, and crowds. Planisek says iPhonic brings in fans of pop punk, metal, and rock, with one characteristic in common: "they like to go out and party."

Songs like "She's Got It" and "It's Ok" take the rhythmic flow of The Roots, a big iPhonic influence, and throw in the pop sensibilities of LFO (hey, remember them?). It's chill, easy to sway to, and injects keyboard, synths, and guitar into the mix.

Up next for iPhonic? Check em out at Peabody's tonight or at the Grog Shop this Thursday, September 3rd.

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