Friday, August 7, 2009

Los Campesinos - The Cardiff Kids

A feature I wrote on the band in this week's issue of Scene:

It started simply: A few kids at Cardiff University hung out between classes and wrote songs about algebra homework, fizzy party drinks and dressing up in costumes. Effervescent happiness and a chipper attitude permeated the university halls, where seven college kids messed around with instruments. Drummer Ollie and the other six members of Wales' Los Campesinos! (who all use the surname Campesinos!) didn't expect their quirky collective to evolve into a beloved indie-pop band.

"We never really thought it would actually come to this," says Ollie. "We started this [in 2005] in our second year of university. We never wanted this in any way."

Since then, the band has seen pretty much every corner of the world by touring. Ollie still sounds shocked when he talks about their unexpected adventure.

Read the rest HERE.

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