Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grand Archives - Keep in Mind Frankenstein

Calling a band’s record a sleeper could be a compliment or a backhanded slap. Either it contains a set of songs perfectly poised for sleeping accommodation or it’s a series of seriously boring tunes. Keep in Mind Frankenstein falls into the former category. Mellow acoustic picking and the slow blossom of pedal steel serve as gentle backing for Mat Brooke’s comforting crooning. The Seattle-based band’s sophomore album includes some dark tunes inspired by haunted houses near their recording studio in Index, Washington. “Silent Echo Valley” is one of them. Grand Archives split the song into two parts, and while one is purely instrumental, the other stays true to its title with plenty of reverb. Not to worry, though; a few minor chord progressions wont be enough to turn dreams into nightmares. While keeping pace with the rest of the album, one song that might disrupt sleep patterns is “Left For All the Strays,” with its infusion of tuneful harmonica and egg shakers. Its gorgeous effect is proof that the four members Grand Archives could benefit from a little more spring in their step. For now, sweet dreams.

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