Thursday, September 10, 2009

Miscellaneous Thoughts

I really, truly, might have a raging love for Sufjan Stevens. It's sacrilegious that I forgot about him for so long. (Two years = too long.) On a related note, a recent youtube comment on one of his videos is as follows: "I love Sufjan. I love Jesus more tho! I love Jesus even more for making Sufjan! and for making music. yay Jesus!" Not to be judgmental, but that might be taking things a little too far, even in my book. (Ok, I'll be a little judgmental.)
Is it strange that I have taken a very strong liking to select Lupe Fiasco tracks? (Namely "Go Go Gadget Flow" - it combines my childhood respect for Inspector Gadget with contemporary prose and ridiculous flow.)
The Faint's "Mirror Error" is playing my iPod on repeat. First of all, let's dissect the title. When I read it, I envision a robot face looking into a high-tech mirror that won't show the robot its real face. Instead, it just flashes "mirror error" in digitized red letters. The robot is confused and then throws the mirror to the ground. The pairing of words sounds great, evokes sci-fi weirdness, and is just plain cool. Rave done. The song is just as good as the title... it's super future, with fast, distorted beats and jumpy falsetto-tech vocals. I die and must jump around like a maniac every time I hear it. (Sadly, my discovery of this song is a little shameful. Yes, I tracked it down from a Gossip Girl episode. One where a dude was banging his high school teacher. And with that admittance, I have forever shamed myself as a watcher of bad television. Which - I swear - I'm not! (usually)
Seriously, still dying over Sufjan over here. Cleveland show is sold out and I'm either (a) clawing my eyes out in guilt for not buying tickets that first day, (b) praying to the publicity gods that someone will get me on the press list, or (c) singing nonsensical harmonies to "Jacksonville" while I walk around my house with a droopy head and big, foamy headphones (a prerequisite for any music brat like myself).

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