Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting Nerdy with Pharrell

Earlier this year, I went on a rampage where I listened to a song by N.E.R.D. about 15 times a day. I took a dance class, my teacher played it during warm-ups a few times, and I was soon hooked beyond belief. I've always though Pharrell Williams was something of a genius. But this song ultimately proves it. “She Wants to Move.”

He incorporates sick, wiry bass into the background. He includes dogs barking. The lyrics are perverted and really embarrassing, like a stale pick-up line. The lyrics are that guy in the bar who is too drunk, and talking an inch away from your face when you are still sickly sober. You know, the one who is so drunk that he has to ask you your name and where you’re from twice before you get the idea that now is the right time to walk away and NEVER turn back.

It’s also the kind of song that makes you shake your hips like there is no tomorrow. You are the only girl/guy fly enough to satisfy everyone’s wildest dreams. Because, for some reason, this song transforms you into the hottest thing since Michelle Obama on her wedding day. (Not that I’ve seen pictures, or want to imagine the president of my country having sex.)

The rest of NERD’s songs are eh, kinda slow, pretty good, decent, whatever. This song owns them. This song owns most other songs in the world. I’m talking to you, Adam Lambert. I don’t care how many girls’ crotches you grab on live TV. I don’t care how many dudes you coerce into making out with you on stage. This song is better than you, and Williams doesn’t even need eyeliner.

NERD - She Wants to Move

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