Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Bears/Thai Restaurants 12/23

Comedian Eugene Mirman jokes on his latest album that Detroit has become so desolate that bears are invading the city, inhabiting warehouses and opening Thai restaurants. The last thing our town needs is another misfortune to be teased about – we’ve already got the Browns. So Cleveland’s Bears instead make sunny pop music. In the spirit of the season, the retro 60s band plans to throw its upbeat harmonies and effervescent keyboard plunking into a few non-traditional Christmas songs to mix up their set for this year’s Yulesville Pre-Holiday Bash. The warm tones that radiate from Bears’ swoon-worthy vocals and subtle handclaps help you forget that they’re singing about, oh yeah, December in Cleveland. It’s almost guaranteed that all their talk about dolphins and sweet, sweet love will feel like the start of Christmas vacation. (That is, if you expect to be spending your days off in California.) The Beachland is opening the ballroom and the tavern to make the most of the merry music-making occasion, which will feature other local faves like Modern Electric, Mystery of Two, and Unsparing Sea. The show starts at 9 pm at the Beachland Ballroom (15711 Waterloo Rd., 216.383.1124). Tickets: $7.

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