Thursday, July 22, 2010

Best Coast, Best Part of My Day

Talk about buzz bands. Best Coast is it right now in the blog world. And I totally get it.

I'm feeling so miserable and discouraged in my life right now, but I put that album on after work today, and through the dredges of my mood, I felt its gooey, echoing wonderfulness.

Here's what this album makes me want to do:
-Sleep on the beach
-Eat burnt marshmallows
-Lay in the grass beneath a sprinkler
-Make out
-Take long showers
-Throw my computer and all technology out the window (except my ipod/headphones! geek)

I don't know much about Best Coast other than what I've read:
-Bethany Cosentino is 23, and Bobb Bruno plays with her
-She's dating Nathan of Wavves
-She writes all her songs about boys
-She smokes a crazy lot of weed (I gather that from her twitter)

If I were you, reading this blog, and that was all I knew about Best Coast, I'd be like, get out of here. I'm never listening to this girl. Like, ever.

But f'real, this girl is what other people like to call "the truth."

I don't remember the last time an album just called to me like hers. It's like she captured the same vintage vibes as She & Him, but she's not manufacturing a product. Rather, she's just into the music all the way, and having fun with it. You can sing along with a lot of these songs after hearing them once through (or even after hearing one chorus). Isn't that something that's lacking in a lot of modern indie music?

I turned my car stereo up to 30 on the freeway, rolled my windows down, and pounded on the steering wheel like I was playing the drums. I let my hair get all in my face, and I felt like I was feeling life for the first time all day.

I will know I'm successful at life when I feel like I do listening to Best Coast, all the time. It's openly nostalgic, airy and open, and full of the kind of feelings that I want back in my life again.

Best Coast - This is Real

p.s. Best Coast and Male Bonding are playing on my birthday at the Grog Shop. When I turn 23 at midnight, I want it to be like this.

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