Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Your 33 Black Angels @ Grog Shop tonight

I got an email, based on my meanie post, and I had to share it with you. The title was "Totally UNpretentious, non epic or shrinelike Brooklyn Psych band." Good to know bands are taking my criticisms so seriously in their image construction. (ok, ha ha ha. i'm joking.)

The band is Your 33 Black Angels. They are from Brooklyn. They consider themselves psych-rockers. But they also have a sense of humor.

And their songs are pretty swell. It's a little lo-fi, it's a little trippy, and it's a little bit rock and roll.

They play the Grog Shop tonight with Craig Ramsey, who is pretty much one of my favorite Cleveland musicians. So cheers to that! See you guys there?

Your 33 Black Angels - If Loving You is Wrong I Don't Wanna Be Wrong
Your 33 Black Angels - I Want Something I Can Hold in my Hand
By the way, here's an interview I did with Dan Rosato. He's, y'know, in the band.

* How did Your 33 Black Angels form?

Seems like we're still in the process of forming...adding new members all the time.

* I always imagine that the Brooklyn music scene is so ridiculously competitive and cutthroat, but maybe that's just my misconception of the city in general. What is it like being part of that scene?

Sure there are tons of bands, but there are tons of clubs and plenty of people who want to go out and see shows. We're playing music, not football, you know?

* What can we look forward to when you perform live in Cleveland?

Besides the show at the Grog Shop, we're trying to set up a game of HORSE with the Cavs. W's been working on his 360 dunk and JR has perfected the half court backwards granny shot.

* Can you share the story of when you decided on the song title "If Loving You is Wrong I Don't Wanna Be Wrong"?

Oh shit then I'd end up like that guy who reveals the magician's secrets on those TV specials. You know the guy with that freaky mask? Yeah you haven't seen him in a while, have you?

Down to business:

* Has anyone ever told you that Y33BA looks like an airline confirmation code?

We haven't flown commercial in a long time...

* Why 33 Black Angels? Why not 34 Purple Angels?

No 34 purple on a roulette wheel.

* Please share the most embarrassing thing you've ever done onstage.

I ended up in an old bumper car once in Texas. It wasn't embarrassing, but maybe it should have been.

* What's your favorite knock-knock joke?


Me: Knock Knock
You: Who's there?
Me: September 11th
You: September 11th who?
Me: I thought you said you'd never forget...

* If you had to play a show after only eating one specific food for an entire week, which food would you choose?

Shrimp. And white wine.

* What's your best dance move?

I call this one "What? Another night alone? After that sweet ass dance shit?!"

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