Monday, July 12, 2010

Mixtape of the Week - 7.11.10

So I was going to put a really happy sappy little introduction for this mixtape because - let's be honest - it reeks of summertime, and I have one hell of a dance/rock your face off parade waiting for you to download below. But today has been one of those days. Working 9 hours, coming home to work 3 more hours. Enough's enough, right?

Even rogue music-based dating sites can't help my mood today!

So do like I'm not doing, dance around the freakin' room, and just have a good time, ok? It is summer, and regardless of bummer days, sometimes you just have to listen to the right music that's feeling your mood at the moment. I think this list encompasses the state of mind I'm craving. What songs are you guys digging? (By the way, I'm at the library, and MAN can I upload quickly from here! Stealing library wireless, FTW!)

Click to download from mediafire.
Mixtape of the Week - 7.11.10

1. !!! - Jamie, My Intentions are Bass

This is the best song title of the year, easily, and a reminder that !!! is still bringing the dance party. Groove, baby, groove.
2. Wavves - Post Acid
I am really not joking when I reveal the following facts of life. a) This is the first Wavves song I've ever listened to, and I'm kinda really ashamed to admit that. b) I've played this song - no joke - about 75 times on repeat these past two weeks. To say I'm in love would be an understatement. I love it more than I loved all my past boyfriends combined. Is that harsh? It captures the whole simple, messy 'let's just have a good time' vibe that I crave at all hours of the day and night.
3. Jay Reatard - See/Saw
Um, is it possible to NOT follow a Wavves song with a Jay Reatard song? Nuh uh. I don't think so. I contemplated writing an entire blog post devoted to their similarities: both douchebags, both write thrashingly cool punky lo-fi rock, both throw fits when they don't get what they want, both fight with their bandmates. As much as I hated Reatard when he demanded $60 extra for playing Lobsterfest because we didn't give him as much Red Bull as his rider requested, his loss is significant. His songs are precious (and by precious, I mean not at all precious).
4. Wolf Parade - Little Golden Age
The new Wolf Parade album is great as always, and I get to see these dudes thrash around the Beachland Ballroom tomorrow, so expect rave reviews. The guitars here really stab through you like knives. It hurts so good.
5. Walking Sleep - In a Dream
Not sure if many people have heard of this band, but they are the next chimey-belled twee superstars. The male/female dual vocals sound like A Weather's - another band you've never heard but really should.
6. Villagers - Becoming a Jackal
Dude's name is Conor O'Brien. A combination of Conor Oberst and Conan O'Brien? Not quite. This is some of the most heartfelt folk I've heard in a long time, and it has a shimmery 60's harmonic chorus that is to die for. If you make one music discovery this week, let it be this.
7. CocoColumbo - Only Child
The first single from Los Angeles-by-way-of-Cleveland's Will Schulz. If you love big choruses, sweet electronic touches, and pure happiness, you're going to love everything this guy releases.
8. Coconut Records - West Coast
Speaking of Los Angeles, this song makes me want to go there. Jason Schwartzman amazes me with his uncanny ability to make everything sound like he mixed concentrated Tropicana orange juice into a blender with rays of sunshine, slivers of gold, and 90 degree heat. It melts you.
9. The Beauties - Fashion Blues
This is a song for the road if I've ever heard one. Next time I drive down south, this is going first on the list. It breaks down into all kinds of little segues, and your head will bop side to side like a freakin' Teletubby.
10. The Good Life - Keely Aimee
Who doesn't love Tim Kasher? This is probably the most poppy (thus mood-fitting) song on Help Wanted Nights.

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