Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Best Weezer SOT

Back when I was a broadcast journalist (oh, say, one year ago), we always talked about and looked for the best SOTs.

SOT stands for Sound On Tape, which really just means a sound bite (captured on video, ya dig?). In journalism land, it kind starts sounding like slang, like "Oh, man, I got the best SOT today! It's going to be in the show teaser!" or "I sat through this whole press conference about the boring potential candidate for the Vice Provost of Ohio University, and I didn't get one good SOT."

At one point, I played on a intramural softball team called the VO-SOT-VO's. That's a sort of TV story (VO - voice over). It was pretty ha-ha-funny-journalist of us, and we were terrible and probably lost every game and I was so young that I just hoped that someone would talk to me and maybe I would catch a ball in the outfield so I could prove that I could hang with the older senior journalists.

What I'm getting at here is that I found a quote that so witty, true, and amazingly structured that I have to upgrade it from "great quote" to "best SOT of the day." Even if it is only in print.

Pitchfork Reviews Reviews, you've done it again:

"AND YOU ARE WONDERING WHAT IS GOING ON IN RIVERS CUOMO’S MIND RIGHT NOW FOR THE LAST TEN YEARS, was he kidnapped by aliens who replaced him with a pod person who looks exactly like Rivers but has an alien’s brain, did success drive him literally insane, does he know how bad Weezer is now or does he actually think (in his “heart of hearts”) this is good? is it performance art and in like five years he’ll reveal that he was just joking around for like fifteen years? what would a transcript of his cognitive process even look like? a few days ago Jacob asked me if i could think of an artist that’s disappointed their fans more consistently than Weezer and i couldn’t think of one at the time but now i think maybe M. Night Shyamalan?"

And another SOT, in the VERY SAME BLOG ENTRY!

"and now as Danielle Staub shimmies on stage at this strip club on her 48th birthday after the debut performance of her debut pop disco single, presumably off a record that is to Paris Hilton’s pop record what an Indian reservation casino is to Las Vegas"

Oh man, who could even think about comparing Indian reservation casinos to Vegas? Brilliant

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