Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dawes @ Beachland Tavern Tonight

Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes writes about what he only knows halfway – feelings he doesn’t understand. Whether or not he is an expert on his own emotions, he knows how to use them to draw sentiments from the crowd. “Our songs are lyric-based, and in our live show we try to convey that. I’m not the kind of singer who kinda closes his eyes behind the mic. Without thinking about it, I end up kinda acting out the material.” The other three members of Dawes, which include Goldsmith’s brother Griffin, add three-part harmonies. Dawes’ live shows are more plugged in than you’d expect their 2009 debut album, North Hills, a mellow, California-influenced record of plaintive alt-country strummers. Acoustic guitars are abandoned for electric, and the foursome aims for a more aggressive sound. “When My Time Comes,” a foot-tapper, is clearly inspired by Bruce Springsteen, while charmers like “Love Is All I Am” feels like one of those timeless late summer songs that’s right at home under a sunset through fields of cattails. If you’re like Goldsmith, and have a thing for Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Jackson Browne, you wont need fields of grain or picturesque settings to feel at home. You’ll find happiness simply by sitting back and giving Dawes a listen. The band was just in town with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and the guys are bringing their female-wooing vocals and California bedhead back to town.

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