Monday, August 9, 2010

College Radio - A Week in Reviews

I listened and listened through 23 albums, and this is what's worth your time.

-DaLush and the Click - Ruff Rugged & Raw

This is totally a novelty album at this point - they are releasing this mid-nineties old-school rap album, and it's hilariously witty, semi-ridiculous, and awesome.

-The Chemical Brothers - Further

Ambient, electronic, futuristic and otherworldly - like what really chill aliens would listen to if they were really moody.

-Lille - Tall Shoulders
You need "Melancholera"

Adorable ukulele pop songs. This girl has an amazing voice with beautiful range, invents words like "Melancholera" and has interesting lyrics that draw you into her stories. I'm obsessed with this 18 year old.

-Maps & Atlases - Perch Patchwork
You need "Living Decorations"

Really intricate math rock with complex drum patterns and noodling guitar patterns. They tour with Vampire Weekend and Princeton, and it's kinda afro-poppy like them also. Super lightweight and fun.

-Marco Benevento - Between the Needles and Nightfall
You need "Greenpoint"

Instrumental, hypnotic electro-pop/jazz that doesn't follow much of a pattern but still manages to stay interesting and fluid through all the songs. It's very colorful, with sprinkles of piano and smatterings of percussion and a reflective vibe.

The Beauties - S/T
You need "Fashion Blues"

The first track, "Fashion Blues," is one of those classic road trip songs that need to be blasted in the car.

Bibi Tanga and the Selenites - Dunya
You need "Swing Swing"

The best songs here are a fusion of hip-hop and eclectic world music. They are all over the place, kind of like your body is going to be when you dance to this.

Rock out, kids!

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