Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Things I Think Are Beautiful

Or something like that. Here are three songs from bands that don't suck right now.

First, Nightlands' "I Fell In Love With a Feeling" has an awesome blast of horns and infectious little melody. Plus, this music video has a weird transforming science ball that looks like the TV show The Secret World of Alex Mack, which my babysitter would let me stay up and watch after my sister went to sleep.

Then, there's the Hot Chip-y dance fun of Dutch Uncles' "Flexxin." This music video features a man who may be trying to do the dance moves of the Backstreet Boys in "Backstreet's Back," but he looks more like a cat. There's also some really gorgeous strings that remind me of the happiness I feel when I listen to Ra Ra Riot.

Finally, we have Woods' "Size Meets the Sound." I really slept on this album (Bend Beyond). I remember liking it upon first listen, but dismissing it because I was looking for something great to be in my top albums of the year list. I'm not sure how I could ignore something this blissful when my number one was Tame Impala. I'm really, really digging this guitar riff and the mood this song sets. Plus, it has an bridge of epic wall of fuzz. There's a certain genre that I just want to classify as "Danielle wants to be on vacation and listen to this so loud with no distractions and pretend the whole world is just this moment and this song." This song fits that genre. Have fun.

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