Saturday, October 24, 2009

Heaven Forgotten

I heard a song earlier this year that really caught my attention through its quiet, creeping ability. I listened to it obsessively, and then left it alone until I saw that NPR just recorded a Patrick Watson concert and posted it on its blog.

I always get disappointed when people talk about Patrick Wolf. I get briefly excited, thinking, Oh! maybe that's the Patrick W. guy that I love! But I don't think anyone knows about Patrick Watson. They should.

He reminds me of my friend Adam Torres, the way his voice is so delicate and pensive and the way he picks at his guitar ever-so-sweetly. That said, you should all be fans of Adam Torres. His first (and only, so far) album, Nostra Nova, is one of my favorites ever. More about Adam later.

Listen to Patrick Watson. Just close your eyes, and put on a pair of headphones, and listen deeply. Isn't there a special quality there?

Patrick Watson - Man Like You

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