Sunday, October 11, 2009


Left home alone for an entire day, I thought of nothing better than to escape the house on my bicycle. I have to ride through all this suburban traffic muck before I get to a good park with a bike path, so I braved the bad drivers trying to run me over, uneven sidewalks the city can't afford to fix, and unruly cold air that flew right up my sweatpants that I had to cuff to prevent them from snagging on my bike gears.

I listened to Matthew Perryman Jones for the majority of the ride, and his mix of hopeful, beautiful, and expansive songs made the ride quite peaceful. It was like getting a full dose of older U2, with Explosions in the Sky as the opening act. Really, it accompanied my journey through the changing leaves exquisitely well.

As usual, I made an idiot of myself. I rode for an hour before realizing - huh, it might be a good idea to turn back and go home now. I always manage to go downhill on the way there. So, yeah, I was freezing, deathly tired, and riding uphill against the wind home. Sorry MPJ, you do not cut it in dire situations where I need serious motivations to make it home alive. I wanted something cutting, to the bone. Something that I could listen to with a grimace on my face on the long and ridiculously dumb journey home.

THE WRENS. "Faster Gun."

That song could kill a lion and still have enough ammo left to get me home. So, ladies and gents, I made it back alive. And I decided to post my very first MIXTAPE on this here blog.

It is a dedication to the bloody, the wounded, and the violent. Because sometimes you just need a (theoretical) gun or two (or knife, blade, or sword) to get you home.

I present you with: Blood, Gore & Guns.

Find your new favorite mix cd here.

p.s. any suggestions on how to get mediafire to let me allow you to download this as a full album, rather than individual songs? i am open to ideas! and new at this!