Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beach House - Teen Dream

Teen Dream, Beach House’s Sub Pop debut, is sure to induce hazy infatuations for teens and adults alike. Victoria Legrand’s seductive moans are truly dreamlike, enhanced by steaming hot organs and Alex Scally’s intricate guitar lacings. “Real Love” and “Zebra” recall the antique, autumnal feeling of Beach House’s self-titled debut. Think gypsy royalty and thick, velvety thrones. Yet the Baltimore-based duo has breathed more life into this batch of songs, a collection of faster-moving tunes fueled by captivating drum machine beats. “Norway” catches them at their absolute best. Legrand gently syncopates her siren-like “heh heh” vocals to tribal rhythms and reverbed organ that floats through the air as effortlessly as hundreds of swirling balloons cut free at once. Ghosts and creaky attics come to mind on “Walk in the Park,” where the timeless quality of the music overlaps the equally ageless message that “only time can love you.” Teen Dream reaches for fantasies and simple pleasures of times past, before life was too fast to keep up with. What a relief. Even better, they include a DVD with music videos that go with every song on the album. When the album gets old, watching a man pulling a ham sandwich out of his internal organs never will.

1 comment:

  1. turned me on with the first few lines. reee-ow.

    'used to be' is my favorite on the album. really been diggin' this album. still need to grab the dvd.