Monday, January 25, 2010

Tahiti 80 - Tune In

There's something about songs that convince you that falling in love - despite how unlikely it may seem in your own personal life - is possible. There's just something about them. They lift your heart and make you smile. If you are really silly putty like I am, they also make you shuffle around your room mindlessly, as you wonder when you should put your laundry away and what you should cook up in the coming weekend.

I don't know where I found Tahiti 80's "Tune In." Probably one of the three music blogs I follow. (I cannot disclose these locations yet, for fear that you will abandon my mindless blog thinkings for more intelligent romping grounds.) I can tell you that Tahiti 80 is French, just came out with a fourth album called Activity Center, and their blog is very colorful, in a good way.

And that you need to hear this song, and fall in love. With it, with love, with the confetti picture above, with the stupid piece of dirt that will never come out of your carpet. Whatever. Just do it.

Tahiti 80 - Tune In

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