Sunday, January 24, 2010

The First Time...

I saw Katy Perry, this is what I saw.
I was assigned to decide whether or not to put her EP, Ur So Gay, in ACRN's rotation. My answer? A big, resounding NO.

This was a few years ago, before anyone had heard of her. I looked at her picture, and I thought, this girl is doing every cliche indie thing she can dream up: teal wayfarers, very naked top-half, gigantic hairpiece, etc.

And I listened to her songs, and I thought, a monkey could make this music, and that monkey could very plausibly do a better job. At least they would be less whiney and annoying. And whoever wrote those lyrics, spelled "ur so gay," was a 12-year-old sending an instant message to his younger brother.

Then Katy Perry blew up. She got huge. Just for singing about the general lesbian activities that people get excited about. You know, kissing girls and such. And she started dating the dude from Gym Class Heroes (who, by the way, I realize stole "Cupid's Chokehold," a song that I rightfully thought was awesome, from Supertramp's "Breakfast in America").

Now people are confusing Zooey Deschanel for Katy Perry. Not cool, people. Get it right. One is a classy, one-of-the-best-of-her-generation actress with a beautiful, classic singing voice. One is a trashy, attention-starved whore. It's not that hard to tell the difference.

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