Sunday, January 3, 2010


Not to sound all hippie and stuff, but I'm totally inspired by the spirit and love going on here:

You might call my interest in this song "obsession." Let's all dance around the house with a pigtail on the top of our head (this guy shows us how that's done) and drink cider and have fierce snowball fights and jump up and down and try to do the perfect handstands and recite the alphabet backwards to the tune of this song? K? Good, cuz that's what I feel like doing when I hear it.

What does this song inspire you to do?


  1. i love this song! definitely a feel good tune

  2. Saw them play at the Kent Stage back in November. Home was their encore. They brought up two randoms from the crowd to sing the Jade and Alexander parts, and it was like watching the earnest, gruesome torture of your favorite stuffed animal. Such a relief when Ebert usurped the vocals at the very end.

  3. Oh, I wanted to go to that Kent show! It sounds amazing (apart from the gruesome torture part, of course).