Sunday, January 3, 2010

Totz Forgotz LOL - Casual Encounters

I wrote this piece on an awesome local band a few weeks ago for the Cleveland Scene. They rock, and they recorded their debut EP in the Hocking Hills, so it's pretty much destiny that I would hear, meet, and fall in love with their music. It's a fact that that these two dudes and two ladies are awesome:

Comparing emo rockers with jam bands is like trying to find similarities between lemon juice and bleach. They're on opposite sides of the spectrum, and the combination can sound nightmarish. Casual Encounters take these labels, toss them around and combine them into an appealing cocktail of sound. Singer-guitarist Matthew Rolin, guitarist Cassie Bishop, drummer Lisa Paulovcin and bassist Antoine Henderson embrace labels like "emo hippies" simply because there isn't a more articulate way to describe what they do.

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