Thursday, April 29, 2010

Alien Invasion - Yeasayer

The three members of one of Brooklyn's weirdest bands wear their eclectic influences on their sleeves. As industrial music bleeds into dancehall, and dancehall blends into hip-hop, Yeasayer's music evolves into a fusion of oddity and experimentation.

Odd Blood, Yeasayer's second album, begins with "The Children," a bizarrely creepy apocalyptic tune where Chris Keating and Anand Wilder sing through a large fan. It's not a trick they learned in the studio — the idea actually came from something a lot simpler.

"It was something I used to do when I was a little kid," says Wilder. "We would scream into a huge fan in the cafeteria, 'Auntie Em! Auntie Em!'"

Just like that, childhood fun was transformed into wild, off-the-cuff vocal riff. Wilder likes the little details that make the music slightly off-kilter: "We were like, 'If aliens were thinking of the history of pop music on the radio, what kind of music would they make?' And this is it."

Read the rest here at the Cleveland Scene.

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