Friday, April 16, 2010

Record Store Day!

A few of the things that I'm most excited about for tomorrow's annual Record Store Day:

1. Beach House is releasing a 12"! I've only bought a few "new" records for my record player, so I think this will need to be the latest addition. You can hear two songs streaming online.

The Arrangement

Zebra (UK Radio Edit)

2. Other notable releases: live David Bazan LP, the new Black Keys single, Neko Case's Middle Cyclone in clear vinyl, the Flaming Lips' take on Dark Side of the Moon, singles by Jamie Lidell, MGMT, Phoenix, Passion Pit, brand new Josh Ritter album... MUST I GO ON?!??

3. White Hinterland is playing a DJ set at Music Saves @ 4pm. One of my Cleveland faves, the Lighthouse and the Whaler, plays @ 5:30.

4. The Beachland Ballroom is screening "The Life of the World to Come," a DVD about the Mountain Goats @ 1:15 and 2:45.

5. Waterloo Rd. (where you find Music Saves and Beachland) also has a gazillion craft shows/art galleries open for super-happy-artsy-fartsy day.

I mean, SERIOUSLY, this day sounds like heaven, does it not? Record Store Day in Athens was peachy, but Record Store Day in Cleveland is about to knock my socks off.

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  1. I'm planning on unloading some serious coin on albums tomorrow. My checking account trembles.