Saturday, April 3, 2010

Breathe In, One More Time

When I first listened to Air's ninth album, Love 2, let's just say I wasn't so carried away by it's greatness. Air is Air, and it's always great background. Sometimes it's much better than that, in that it invokes a strong mood and aura. Love 2 didn't really do that for me.

Yet when I was watching Gossip Girl last night (cut me a break! I'm allowed to have one guilty pleasure, no? And the music is so good, how can you even argue with me? They're all over Julian Casablancas, and this week they played the National's "Start a War"), I caught a second listen to "So Light is Her Footfall." The song is ridiculously sexy. It has those background strings that hang in the air like dust particles in the sunlight. Dude's voice just creeps around, and the piano is all ominous attic stairs-like.

The song haunts me, much like this girl they speak of must haunt them.

Plus, I gotta give 'em kudos - I read on LastFM that they named the song after Oscar Wilde's The Canterville Ghost. And Oscar Wilde is crazy, nutso good. I'm reading An Ideal Husband right now, in fact...

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