Monday, May 17, 2010

A Big Freakin Dance Party with Jens Lekman

We've been over this before, but I can't really get past it - Jens Lekman is the taste of sunshine.

This man is the most corny, cliche, piece of junk ever, and I LOVE HIM. I don't care if he's gay or straight, if he's Swedish or Malaysian, if he's short or tall. He is pretty much the only man who makes music today that sounds like pure unfiltered happiness. You can Fanfarlo me this and Boy Least Likely To me that. I DON'T CARE. I'm using caps lock. It's because I automatically transform into a 13-year-old girly girl when I listen to Jens, and my whole body is a mushy pile of goosh, and my sentences start to run on, and you start to suspect that I really don't know how to write a blog at all.

This is stream of conscious writing folks. You should try it sometime. I like it most after I've just spent three hours trying to write 200 words on a musician that I don't really care about. (We wont even GO there. I prefer to talk about my loves here, not my "meh's.")

I'm finding there's lots of meh's lately, and maybe that's just because I get all kinds of music for free, and I'm jaded, or a snobbish music critic, or whatever. I don't know. Conversation for another time.

Instead, let's discuss the merits of "A Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill," a song that makes my heart jump out of its little heart socket. There's that little meager horn, and that clappy clappy rhythm, and the goofy people that sing bum bum bum bum, and OF COURSE, Jens Lekman's voice.

His voice is silk. Every gentleman should have a voice like his. It's the kind of voice that you imagine a clean-cut prince charming to have. It's also so perfect that it is completely and utterly laughable. Like, are you kidding me? Does this dude seriously sound this smooth? It must be a joke.

Night Falls Over Kortedala is the best worst record I've ever heard.

Thanks Jens! You just about made my life!

How do you all feel about Mr. Jenny? Actually, males, I would like your feedback FOR REAL. I've never met a man-creature who likes Jens Lekman. Ever. Is it a girl thing?

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  1. Definitely not a girl thing. Read #50 here:

    And/or, #33 here:

    Lastly, check out Jen's other two albums if you haven't. And Jonathan Richman's I, Jonathan along with the classic Modern Lovers album.