Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Right on Pitch(fork)

Aha! I wasn't the only one who noticed the Jock Jams beat on the Black Keys' "Howlin' For You"! But I did write it first, for the record ;)

My take:
"'Howlin’ For You,' which will probably land at the top of the ‘2010 scorchers’ list, kicks off with Jock Jams drum hits and amps cranked to 11."

Larry Fitzmaurice of Pitchfork:
"'Too Afraid to Love You' feels spooked-out thanks to Auerbach's distanced vocals and some haunted harpsichord, while the Jock Jams beat on 'Howlin' For You' and 'Black Mud's winking nod to CCR's 'Green River' find the Keys in an uncharacteristically playful mode."

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