Friday, June 4, 2010

Yeah, So, No Offense, But...

Apparently Animal Collective's Paw Tracks label just signed a new band called Prince Rama.

Look at this pretentious press photo.

And really... could the press release have describe a more generic "hi we are intentionally weird and ironic but try to pretend we are different and special than every other Animal Collective/MGMT-carbon copy psych-pop band producing music today."

See this quote... which describes everything, without describing anything:

"Their new album Shadow Temple is an epic shrine of swirling synths, pulsing guitars, and thunder drums."

Um, cool. That describes just about every band making music today.

I hate to be a Negative Nancy (is that even the right name? is it negative nelly? whatever), but this kind of stuff just makes me realize how much junk we have to dig through nowadays to find the gems. Then again, WAIT. I am judging them before I even hear their music. I could be so so wrong. But let's pretend I'm right.

And speaking of gems, let's talk about the new Blitzen Trapper! (See my next post, in which I am about to write glowing reviews of an album I've only heard a few times, but already feels like it encompasses my entire past and future.)

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