Monday, June 21, 2010

Chillwave's Unemployment Status

"on the song Blessa by Toro Y Moi, Chaz sings, “i got a job, i do it fine / not what i want, but still i try” — we are a generation taught not to settle for a job we don’t want, taught that anything was possible for us, and a lot of us still believe that (read the new york times magazine piece about it from like two weeks ago, it’s one of the The Way We Live Now columns, it’s called The Why Worry Generation). Chaz’s excitement about getting a job he doesn’t like contains an admission of defeat, or at least of recognition of diminished possibilities. that’s chillwave."

Guess I'm going to have to start listening to Chillwave if this is the case. Fascinating observation from Pitchfork Reviews Reviews. Very relevant stuff (for me and generation suck-it, i.e. everyone who graduated in the past year or so/is graduating now).

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