Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Get Yr Hipster Fx

Wow guys! You can totes flip over this completely kewl concept!

(Alright, note my sarcasm.)

Apparently you can now wear your favorite "album art" and your favorite "track listings" on the front and back of your very own t-shirt! Plus, when you buy the shirt, you get a digital download of the music! How totally hip and fashionable!

(But seriously, why would you want a track list on your back? Tour dates are one thing. But do I really need to know the name of the 11th song on one of Devendra Banhart's obscure albums? As Borat would say... 'not so much.')

Let's get to work on some better models of making money for musicians. And let's make sure they're a little less... "fan-girl/fan-boy," if you will.

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