Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mixtape of the Week - 6.13.10

Good news folks! I'm back to my life as a longtime college radio worker. At least for the summer. I'll be pitching in at the wonderful WJCU as the music director. Why should you care? Well, uh, because that means it's my job to review records... like dozens of records a week. And you'll be catching the long end of the stick because I'll be sharing all the good stuff with YOU.

I'll try to keep the bad stuff to myself, but honest question: would anyone like me to do a weekly post on the worst album in college rock today? It could get pretty lewd/crazy/out of control.

Anyway, I spent today and yesterday listening to 25 albums, and I'm going to give you a mix with 10 of the best songs.

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Mixtape of the Week - 6.13.10

1. Broken Social Scene - Texico Bitches - Forgiveness Rock Record

Another brilliantly layered art-rock album by our favorite Canadians. It's all varied and interesting, bringing together a mash-up of male/female vocals and tempo changes.
2. Careful - Scrappy - Oh, Light
A low-maintenance and less-worldly version of Iron & Wine, with spare guitars and psych-folk harmonies.
3. Coliseum - Blind in One Eye - House With a Curse
Exactly what the album cover (a collage of decaying skulls) would lead you to believe: vicious metal with thundering drums, vengeful guitars, and gravely scream-singing.
4. Faded Paper Figures - Invent It All Again - New Medium
Instantly likable twee-ful, upbeat indie pop with squabbling electronic blips and synthesizers galore. Like Mates of State or The Postal Service.
5. Illimanjaro - New Joint - Boiling Point
Very liberal rap out of Queens, NY with guitar/drums. It's not your everday fare (I.e. no sampling, hell yes instrumental breaks), but that makes it more interesting.
6. Spouse - What You're Feeling - Confidence
Spouse has been making college radio waves since '99 with poppy, experimental tunes that jump from the speakers.
7. Sugar Army - Tongues in Cheeks - The Parallels Amongst Ourselves
Hard rock from Australia with awesomely complex (and distorted) drumming and hooky guitar riffs. You could compare it to Muse or Editors, but it's rocks harder.
8. The Black Rabbits - Hypno Switch - S/T EP
Bombastic power pop that would go well paired with Apples in Stereo or Sloan and some ice cream.
9. The Dead Weather - Blue Blood Blues - Sea of Cowards
The second album for Jack White's new "side" project doesn't really surprise - his growling guitar licks are still lethal, and the mood is ominous and dark, but grooves through and through.
10. The Titans of Industry - These Cold Hands - LMNOEP
Not only do I love the name of this EP, but it's really catchy guitar-driven indie rock. It sounds like a less beachy Dr. Dog with more electric guitar squeeling. Every song is really different.

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  1. i absolutely agree with you on the sugar army track. and i dig the illimanjaro album.