Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mixtape of the Week - 5.30.10

LET'S GET PUMPED! It's time for mixtape of the week.

This week I'm feeling positive, on top of the world, and summery sunny. I don't know precisely why, but I feel good things coming. Thus, a mix to reflect optimism. (Don't get used to the positive vibes, though. I tend to be a grumpy 22 year old.)

Click to download on mediafire:
Mixtape of the Week - 5.30.10

1. Langhorne Slim - Restless
Self-explanatory. Best song of every summer.
2. LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls
Duh. I'm not a drunk girl, but my friends are pretty damn fun when they are.
3. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Janglin
Wrote a feature on Edward Sharpe and you'll be seeing that soon.
4. Pearly Gate Music - Oh, What a Time!
Remind me to tell you more about Pearly Gate Music - it's totally the second coming of Okkervil River/Bright Eyes!
5. Melpo Mene - Dream About Me
Love the feel of this song. It's absolutely perfect pillow music.
6. MGMT - Brian Eno
I hate this song so much that I like it. Plus, I associate Eno with U2, and brilliance.
7. Japandroids - To Hell with Good Intentions
They closed with this song, a Mclusky cover, when they played the Grog Shop. I dig the line, "my love is bigger than your love."
8. Best Coast - When I'm With You
The recipe for a raw summer. "When I'm with you, I have fun." So simple.
9. The Tallest Man on Earth - I Won't Be Found (Daytrotter Session)
I knew I couldn't keep this whole mix happy. But music this gorgeous is impossible to hide for sadder days. The Tallest Man on Earth is becoming something of a hero in his genre.
10. The Juliana Theory - We're at the Top of the World
Aaaaaand we're back in high school. The happiest song I know.



  1. Hey, two of these songs were on the last one, cheater!

  2. I'm SUCH an idiot! Will have to avoid this next time. This blog is for amateurs, made by an amateur.

  3. You should associate Eno with real brilliant musicians like David Bowie, David Byrne (Talking Heads), Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music), and John Cale (Velvet Underground)...not U2 lol

  4. Man, I'm just getting slammed left and right. (I kid.. I love the teasing, guys!) I do agree that all those dudes are geniuses... but come on - The Joshua Tree! Don't even begin to tell me that's not a truly brilliant album, through and through.