Monday, June 7, 2010

Mixtape of the Week - 6.6.10

This time, I can blame Blogger for my mix being a day late. But this one's a goodie, oldies and newbies combined to create a super-mix. The theme is Back to College.

Click to download from mediafire:
Mixtape of the Week - 6.6.10

1. M.I.A. – World Town
I hopped around like a maniac with my feet on fire when this song came on at Dance or Die this weekend. And I loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT. Freakin’ can’t wait for the new album, even if Maya is bat*&^* crazy.
2. Mates of State – Fraud in the ‘80s
This song always pumps me up, and they’re coming back to Cleveland soon! With Free Energy, and comedians, and jugglers.
3. Blitzen Trapper – Below the Hurricane
On their stellar new album, Destroyer of the Void, Blitzen Trapper have put together a set of multi-part songs that reminds me of some cryptic Decemberists-like medieval adventure as much as it does folk, classic Petty, and the best parts of classic rock rolled into one. The guitar here rolls over itself like waves, and the chord progressions are Zeppelin-like, in such a brilliant way.
4. Dan Auerbach – Goin’ Home
Played this song on my way from Athens to Cleveland today, and didn’t really know which one was home. These lyrics absolutely get me: “I want the sun to hit my face/Through oak trees in the open lot/Forget about the things you want/Be thankful for what all you got.”
5. Sun Kil Moon – Floating
If I met Mark Kozelek, I would shower him with roses (pricks removed, of course), shake his hand, and buy him a drink. Then I would bow for precisely three hours.
6. Pearly Gate Music – Big Escape
Why you will like Pearly Gate Music’s self-titled album: 1. Again, it’s a combination of Bright Eyes and Okkervil River. 2. This album is a great simile for life. Some of the songs (days) are great, and some songs (days) fall flat. But the flat ones remind us how good the good ones are. It’s realistic. 3. I taste summer in the air when I listen to this. And in Cleveland, I think we can agree that summer trumps everything.
7. Phantogram – When I’m Small
If anybody in the big, wide world can teach me how to play the bass part in this song, I will grant you three wishes. Seriously. The hotness of this bass line will turn me into a genie.
8. Beach House – Norway
I have a wrestling ring full of songs competing for Best Song of 2010. So far, this one is standing on the ropes, ready to face plant the others.
9. Stars – My Favourite Book
I’m seeing Stars tomorrow. This song makes me melt like a baby at the state fair.
10. Rick Ross – Hustlin’
This song defines my life. (Not regarding drugs. I’m not that cool.)

Does anyone have suggestions for a theme for one of my future mixes?

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