Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Avett Brothers and Appalachia

I seriously am having minor heart attacks. I don't know if that's what you call them. Ohhh, heartACHES. Yes, that's it. I really miss Athens, Ohio. 

When I decided to attend Ohio University, I figured, living in a small town in the middle of nowhereland Appalachian Ohio would be alright for a few years. It would be livable, I told myself. Sure, there would be nothing to do, no shopping, no big attractions, but I could go back to that after college was over.

But now all I want to do is hide myself in the tree-covered hills of Appalachia, turn up the Avett Brothers, and frequent Nelsonville's lovely Stuart's Opera House every weekend. You always want what you can't have right? Not that I didn't appreciate SE Ohio while I was there....

All of this keeps coming about because this dumb mix CD I made for my mom. I try to slowly introduce her to "my" music, which is far too contemporary, fast, loud, and disruptive for her. I give her "cool down" CDs for her aerobics classes. And slowly but surely, even a mid-50something mom starts to like indie music. Works every time.

She keeps playing the Avett Brothers "The Weight of Lies" every single day. I love it to pieces. But it also is bringing a rush of emotions back to me. Among the things/feelings engrained in this song: one of the best live shows ever - Avetts at Stuart's a couple years back, long drives back to Athens, days barricaded in my room, new friendships with special people, and the general feel of walking around a small town, seeing people you know, and smiling at them at the farmer's market.

Music makes me so sentimental sometimes. I'd kill to see the Avett Brothers again.

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