Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ever Heard of Evermore?

It's uncannily weird. I feel like nobody in the U.S. knows who Evermore is. Wait, what am I saying? I barely know Evermore. In fact, I only own one Evermore song, and the only reason I know anything about the band is that I just looked 'em up on wikipedia and last.fm

Here's what I can sum up for you:
  • They are New Zealand Natives, currently living in Australia.
  • They have released a few albums, and been nominated/won a gazillion Australian awards.
  • The only reason that I (and prob many other Americans) know about Evermore is from The OC. "Ride On" was featured on the show a few years back.
This is what catches me off guard:
  • Every time I hear "Ride On" I feel more alive than I have in weeks.
  • I seriously want to know more about the Hume brothers (Jon, Peter, and Dann make up the band), but I never really scour the interwebz as much as I should to learn their deep, dark secrets.
  • I honestly love this song. It's an oldie (by, like, 4 years), but a goodie. 
Watch it. I demand this of you.

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