Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jay Reatard

A preview I wrote for an upcoming show... 

Jay Reatard isn’t afraid to let you know he’s a total asshole. At a recent Ohio show, he only waited five minutes into his set to scream, “The sound fucking sucks. It’s like we’re playing in a fucking trailer garage!” His devil-may-care attitude suits him all the same; the Memphis native whips his shoulder-length hair back and forth as he rips out noisy pop songs on a Flying V. Reatard - whose given name is Jay Lindsey – has been making music under the pseudonym since he dropped out of high school at 15. Though he began his music career with the Reatards and the Lost Sounds, Reatard went solo in ’06. He’s currently touring with a bassist and drummer to promote his upcoming release, Watch Me Fall. His shows are pure energy, a mix of clichéd head-banging, shouting, spitting, and shredding. You’ll bob your head to songs like “See/Saw” and “Night of Broken Glass,” which are simple, quick, and riff-driven, like most of Reatard’s catalog. The raucous and heavily distorted garage rock sets the mood for a nights of reckless behavior and bad decisions. 

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