Monday, May 25, 2009

Kevin Devine Interview

Click on the title of this blog post to hear an interview with Kevin Devine. He's one of my favorite musicians of all time, and this interview shows one reason why. Devine is such an easy person to connect with. He embraces fans and interviewers with his words and thoughtful ideas. 

He remembers you. Two years since the last time you talked to him after a show. He'll know your face and connect it with the memory of meeting you. He isn't afraid to go into in-depth conversations with people like me, who he's only talked to a few times in his life. He's ultimately personal. Personable. Intriguing. 

And on top of it all, his music is just as deep and complex as his persona. Gorgeous strumming, lyrics that move mountains, the passion of a man who isn't afraid to scream about his feelings. If you listen, you can spend a half hour of your life with a greatly talented artist and a thoroughly interesting man.

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  1. Your description of Kevin is wonderful and I really appreciate this interview. Thank you for this! :)