Tuesday, May 19, 2009

N.E.R.D. - She Wants to Move

This is SERIOUSLY my new jam. 

Story behind it: I decided to take completely pointless, exhilaratingly fun classes in my last few quarters at OU - namely soccer, ice skating, and - right now - jazz dance. This dance class is probably the best ever because my teacher can groooove. It's actually quite funny to practice pointy toes and high kicks to N.E.R.D. and Prince and Outcast. 

I've been obsessed a song she plays since day one. I kept forgetting to ask who it is. Today I remembered. "She Wants to Move" by N.E.R.D. I looked on my computer. I've had the song since December. I'm dumb.

The song mixes up your stereotypical hip hop. I've always thought Pharrell Williams was a genius, but I kinda finally realize why. This song fuzes jagged rock guitar, all the catchiness of the hip hop beat, and subtracts annoying whiney hip hop vocals. It's edgy, it builds to a climax, it rearranges itself halfway through... it's endlessly great. Enjoy.

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