Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Doesn't Always Mean Pornography.

A.C. Newman is a genius on his own. Many will know him as one of the lead singers of the New Pornographers. I just know him as... well, him.

It might have something to do with the fact that I heard his solo work before I ever heard anything by the New Pornographers. It seems to be a weird quirk of human nature to like whatever version of something you hear first. Whatever it is, though, makes me in constantly in love with his solo album, The Slow Wonder.

I find myself singing along to “Miracle Drug,” and whistling along to “Drink to Me, Babe, Then” (even though my whistling sounds like a dog crying, at best). I like the fact that there are inappropriate commas in the middle of the title almost as much as I like the song. As you can tell, really, I like commas in the middle of a sentence. As annoying as they may be to read. 

Thank you, ACRN. One of my first discoveries through this wonderful radio station was A.C. Newman. I picked up one of ACRN’s “Best Of...” mix CDs at some sort of orientation freshman year. Before I even knew what ACRN was, it was turning me on to good music.

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