Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Matt and Kim - Daylight

So I have been following Matt and Kim on Twitter for a while, just by chance. I was supposed to interview them this summer while I was doing a stint at WJCU, but it didn't work out. Anyway, I had their email in my address book, and when I joined Twitter, they automatically got added under the people I "follow." I kept 'em there because - to be frank - they tweet about amusing things. i.e. Peeing in sinks, freaking out dogs, etc.

So today, I was listening to my iPod on a bike ride, and whaddya know, Matt & Kim's Grand came on. Turns out a friend gave me the album a couple months ago. WHERE HAVE I BEEN? More importantly, how did I not listen to this album sooner?

Just as a sample, the first track, "Daylight" should actually be called "delight." Matt sings/plays the keys, Kim pounds away on the drums. Both instruments are skittery, danceworthy, and just convey a general happiness that only being young and vibrant and alive creates. Maybe you've seen this commercial?

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